Fiber Connection Cabinets for
passive optical networks

The comprehensive connection of households to the gigabit age cannot be achieved without fiber optics. This applies to rural areas as well as urban and inner city centres. Fiber to the Home (FTTH) is therefore the way to go to guarantee fast data rates for consumers and companies in the long term.

The new update integrates user-friendly features that increase handling and efficiency.

With six cabinet sizes, it supports the connection of 24 to 168 tubes per cabinet. This new generation is entirely developed by BELDEN | SICHERT and offers a wide range of additional products. The connectivity from BELDEN and the cabinet from SICHERT create the first fully integrated Broadband Solution.

Our updates briefly:

  • Cornerstone cassette system: Consistency and efficiency with the new FCC standard.
  • Increased packing density: More tubes in the same space.
  • Improved ease of assembly: Accelerated and simplified installation process..
  • Greater ease of use: Clear labeling and intuitive handling.
  • Optimized cable routing: More efficient and smooth installation.

The robust cabinets meet the highest reliability, safety, and quality standards. Thanks to their modular design, the detachable cabinets also ensure the simplest installation and maintenance.


Sichert FCC 3-24/48


Sichert FCC 4-48


Sichert FCC 6-72


Sichert FCC 8-96


Sichert FCC 11-168


Sichert FCC11/KoVt54

FCC11 KoVt 24

FCC product characteristics


Protection class IP54
Protection class IP 54 according to DIN EN 60529

Material Cycle
Polycarbonate is 100% recyclable and the product can be returned to the material cycle if necessary.


Impact resistance IK10
Withstands attempts of unwarranted external access or of criminal damage with an impact energy of up to 20 joules (5 kg from a distance of 40 cm).


Temperature resistcance
Resistant to all natural temperatures from a minimum of -55 up to a maximum of +70 °C

Glass-fiber reinforced polycarbonate
The stuff dreams are made of – the enclosures are made of polycarbonate with a 5% glass fiber reinforcement and are therefore ideally suited for long-term use in all climate zones.


  • FCC Series

    Fact Sheet

  • FCC3

    Installation Instructions

  • FCC4

    Installation Instructions

  • FCC6

    Installation Instructions

  • FCC8

    Installation Instructions

  • FCC11

    Installation Instructions

  • Retrofitting of lock for tray cover

    Installation Instructions

  • Retrofitting of fiber routing 75

    Installation Instructions

  • Retrofitting of fiver crossing bridge

    Installation Instructions

  • Retrofitting of strain relief block

    Installation Instructions

  • Retrofitting of overlenght storage for loose tubes FCC

    Installation Instructions

  • LV Texts

    Technical Specifications Fiber Distribution Points

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