Sichert – your partner for individualised future-proof outdoor cabinets “made in Germany“.

Sichert is the trendsetter for the development of future proofed outdoor cabinets that are the best insurance for your network in telecommunications and transportation industries.

Within more than 400,000 cabinets already deployed, Sichert is the market leading supplier and specialist for cross connection cabinets (CCC Cabinets), active and passive cabinets, POP cabinets, fibre optic distribution cabinets, street side 5G small cells, Wifi hotspots and associated hardware.

Sichert is leading the way with the deployment of fibre optic and 5G networks for the infrastructure of future smart cities.

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Our customers and co-operations make us what we are today, Your partner!

(Andrew Cliffin / Director, International Business Development)


Over 95 years at your service
The family-owned company founded in 1923 has always had its Berlin roots for expansion, innovation and tradition. As you will find Sichert products in various networks around the globe, we will always stay true to the tradition of a German family-owned business.

“The stuff dreams are made of”
The specially developed and 100% recyclable polycarbonate stands for longevity, strength and future proof reliability. 50+ years’ lifespan and weather resistant, Sichert cabinets are stronger, more flexible and better than all other available products on the market.

Competence, made in Germany!
as a quality German company, we are in the field of research and development. We have been part of the telecommunication network development prior to the deregulation of the German postal service. With our first telecommunication product in the 70’s being the traditional dial up telephone for Siemens, the invention of the first outdoor active cabinet and the creation of the first 5G small cell street tower.

Partner and customer overview