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Sichert is a market leader in the manufacturing of passive outdoor and active cabinets, based in Berlin Germany. Founded in 1923, the family-owned company has always stood and prided itself for it’s engineering and manufacturing capabilities along with quality and trust. With over 95 years of experience you will find Sichert products across all continents in numerous infrastructures.

Sichert is our partner! – from the first project meeting to initial prototyping and the manufacturing of single units up to mass production runs. By doing so Sichert stands out from the competition and guarantees know how and at the same time an immense ability and flexibility according to your specific needs.

Sichert stands for competence „made in Germany. Together we will pave the way for the smart cities of tomorrow.

(Thomas Fila / Head of Operation)


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Sichert History

The video gives you a short insight to the Sichert history. Click on the picture to start.


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Sichert Video

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Sichert Poland

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Why you should choose Sichert:

Over 95 years at your service

The family-owned company founded in 1923 has always had its Berlin roots for expansion, innovation and tradition. As you will find Sichert products in various networks around the globe, we will always stay true to the tradition of a German family-owned business.

Whether it is its own products or fully assembled solutions with our system partners, Sichert analyzes the customers’ demands and creates individual production runs for the modern digital society.

The stuff dreams are made of

The specially developed and 100% recyclable polycarbonate stands for longevity, strength and future proof reliability. 50+ years’ lifespan and weather resistant, Sichert cabinets are stronger, more flexible and better than all other available products on the market. This technical polymer is used in aerospace applications, defense and the automobile industry. It offers the perfect foundation for future-proof solutions because of its low weight, extreme chemical resistance, environmentally friendly and longevity.

Competence, made in Germany!

As a quality German company, we are in the field of research and development. We have been part of the telecommunication network development prior to the deregulation of the German postal service. With our first telecommunication product in the 70’s being the traditional dial up telephone for Siemens, the invention of the first outdoor active cabinet and the creation of the first 5G small cell street tower. Our products succumb to the highest material demands and are continuously tested and verified and only leave our plant after passing a 100% inspection.

The history and important milestones:

  • Founding of the company

    Founding of the Berlin family-owned company by Mr. Berthold Sichert. A locks smithery specialized on processing a high temperature, tempered steel and the manufacturing of orders on individual customer needs.

  • Beginning of the metal production for the telecommunication industry

    Innovative products for the over and underground laying of copper communication cables were responsible for the first mass production facility . They are used on telegraph poles and in chambers.

  • Beginning of mold building and plastic manufacturing

    As OEM manufacturer Sichert starts its own tool shop and injection molding production for Siemens in Berlin. First products include the first components for personal computers.

  • Production of polycarbonate outdoor cabinets

    The copper connection cabinet (CCC) 82 and 83 were developed in cooperation with the federal postal service of Germany. They were specially designed for the copper connection points in cabinets at the roadside. The development of the polycarbonate compound in conjunction with the glass fiber-reinforced foam-injection molding led to a perfect product suitable for the longevity-requirements of the communications industry.

  • Acquisition of the Siemens production facility Berlin

    Acquisition of the Siemens injection molding facility in Berlin to service the growing demand of the telecom networks in the reunited federal states of Germany.  

  • Start of international production

    With the founding of the Sichert Sp.zo.o. in Poland Sichert lays the foundation for the internationalization with its first international production site. Modern injection molding machinery and a production site of over 100.000 square meter offer room for growth and efficient production processes.

  • Introduction of the UNI-cabinet family

    The growing customer requirements for outdoor cabinets led to the development of the complete modular and flexible Sichert Universal (UNI) cabinet family. Various widths, depths and heights allowed the system to meet individual customer demands on a platform basis to produce cost efficient and guarantee spare parts for decades to come.

  • Development of the Active cabinet

    Sichert anticipates the development and challenges of FTTC networks and develops the first active street cabinet for the storage of digital interfaces between the fiber optic backbone network and the last mile of copper. Smiled upon at the beginning and dismissed as a utopia you will find over 70,000 SiCab active cabinets in Germany alone today.

  • Development of the first pre-assembled cabinet system for FTTH

    Another milestone in network history is the introduction of the first fiber connection cabinet by Sichert. Pre-assembled with the TYCO Fist splice-cassette-system network provides the last mile and build up real FTTH networks cost efficiently.

  • Market introduction of comprehensive FTTH system solutions

    Additional FTTH system solutions developed for Reichle & De Massari, Corning, Huber+Suhner and TKF were presented to the market. The trend of FTTH network expands further and today Sichert offers solutions with all leading connectivity manufacturers.

  • Market introduction of the first WLan capable cabinet

    In cooperation with Kabel Deutschland Sichert lays the foundation for the bridge between the fiber optic interface and the mobile world. Sichert cabinets are equipped with antenna modules on the inside for street Wifi and create the first large-scale nationwide public Wifi in Germany.

  • Market introduction of the first 5G Small cell street tower

    In preparation of the introduction of 5G frequency bands Sichert integrates the first Small cells and antennas fitted for 5G in their cabinets.

  • Market introduction of Key-LoS the keyless locking system

    To meet the growing demands of digitalization, Sichert develops a keyless digital locking system to enable the monitoring and opening of cabinets without conventional key approach. Both passive non powered and active cabinets can now be accessed and monitored by accredited technicians via a smart phone App.

  • Market Launch

    Sichert activate
    LoRaWAN SmartCity

Partner and customer overview: